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Spring group tour “NAVRUZ”

“Navruz” is a holiday of the spring equinox and the beginning of a new agricultural year for the personified peoples of Tajikistan and other countries of Central Asia, as well as Iran.
“Nowruz” in Farsi means “a new day” and is celebrated on the day of the vernal equinox – on March 21. The Navruz festival is one of the oldest on Earth and has no direct relation to Islamic customs.
Attended places: Khujand – Istaravshan – Dushanbe – Gissar – Kurgan-Tube.

Day City Programs
1 Khujand Meeting guests from the checkpoint oybek. Excursion to the ancient city of Khujand, visiting the Panchshanbe market, the Museum, the Shaikh Muslikhiddin mosque, sightseeing, as well as familiarize with the festive dishes and get acquainted with the history of Nowruz and also how Navruz celebrates the night in the hotel.
2 Khujand Istaravshan
Breakfast at the hotel.
Today we go to the city of Istaravshan. A trip from Khujand to Istaravshan 79km 1h 30m drive. Istaravshan in 2002 was 2500 years old. A cruise around the city, an inspection of the ancient center of trade and crafts. Visiting museums, attractions and other attachments to Navruz. Tajikistan is rich in beautiful nature, high mountains and clean air, the journey from Istaravshan to Dushanbe 230km 4h-30m drive, through Ayni and the mountain road inspires its rich nature. Night of the Hosts of Dushanbe.

3 Dushanbe Breakfast at the hotel.
Dushanbe, the beautiful city of the capital of Tajikistan, is being prepared for the holiday especially, a big concert of national wrestling is taking place, and festive exhibitions are being prepared. We will get acquainted with the festive exhibitions, Navruzgoh square, Rudaki park, the national museum and the highest flag in the world, as well as national and festive dishes, overnight in the hotel.
4 Hissar
Breakfast at the hotel.
Today is the day of the holiday Navruz on this day all celebrate the holiday Navruz, we go to the ancient city of Gissar, a trip from Dushanbe to Gissar 25km 40m drive. In Hissar, we will get acquainted with the customs and fortress of Hissar, which was built 2,500 years ago. In honor of Navruz, a big duel of Buzkashi is celebrated. Acquaintance with the sights and historical fortresses, after acquaintance we go to Dushanbe, night in the hotel.

5 Dushanbe-Kurgan Tube 99.8km / 2h drive Breakfast at the hotel.
The city of Kurgan-Tube is an ancient city, the capital of the Khatlon Province, from Dushanbe to Kurgan-Tube, 99.8 km 2 hours drive. In this city there are many interesting places that existed in the centuries BC. We visit the most interesting places. Since we have a festive tour, we especially visit the places where the events are held, get acquainted with the Khatlon tradition, festive exhibitions and our national struggle, which is held in honor of Nowruz, after we leave for Dushanbe the night in the hotel.
6 Dushanbe Breakfast at the hotel.
Today is the 3rd day of the holiday, a free day for shopping and a cruise around the city, getting acquainted with our rinks and other interesting places of your choice and departure to the city of Khujand Oybek KPP. I assure you we will have an unforgettable holiday and a good rest.

 Every year we have national fights in honor of the holiday and Buzkashi in different cities, we choose a city that hosts fights to make it interesting and fun.
 Tour price: on request.
 You can change the program and route of the proposed tour at your discretion. After your confirmation, we will calculate the cost of the tour and let you know.

Included in the price:
• All transfers and transport;
• All (double occupancy)
• All meals (B.L.D.)
• All entrance and sightseeing fees;
• 1 liter of water per day for each
• Guide services;
• VAT and profit organization;
The price does not include:
• Visa, international flight;
• Payment for photos and videos;
• All personal expenses (additional charges for luggage, room service, medical expenses / insurance, etc.)
• Fee for additional service (folklore performance, meetings);
• Advice to guides and drivers;
• Other drinks;